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Maxxwave has experience with broadcast dating back to the very early days of ILR radio, and has transmission maintenance contracts for a number of top name UK broadcast stations, both commercial and community. Our industry leading resilient STL software demonstrates our innovative nature.

We are members of the FCS, accredited to the "SEAS" quality assurance scheme and all installations are engineered to FCS1331. We have won numerous awards, including the International Critical Communications Award for "Excellence in Radio site Engineering".

Some of the services we can provide are:

"Total broadcast contract" and equipment maintenance contracts Just forget about your transmission completely and hand it all to us. We will look after everything, taking an audio feed from your studio (the demarcation point) and looking after absolutely everything else. All our transmission services are backed up with a robust SLA. We are normally around half the cost of other large companies, or put another way we provide the "big player" service at around the "sole trader" price. Click here to find out more

Industry leading resilient STL (studio to transmitter link) software Seamless changeover between multiple independent connections, zero audio loss for short full link failures, reasonable audio quality when digital links are delivering only 10% of the data. Nothing on the market will keep you on air as well or as clearly as our in-house written software. Of course, it also has SMS alarming and an inbuilt backup tape too, as you would expect. Click here to find out more

Web streaming services We operate Icecast servers with high bandwidth connections to the internet, capable of low, medium and high bandwidth streams for thousands of listeners. Our streaming services are offered at a very competitive rate standalone, or included within our total broadcast contract.

Maintenance and servicing Do you just require a one-off service call? We are happy to oblige, even if we did not install the equipment originally. We have a number of experienced and skilled engineers any only use the best test equipment made by leading names, such as Rhode & Schwarz.

Site selection and coverage planning Using the same algorithms, parameters and complex methodologies as Ofcom, we can be sure to realistically simulate actual coverage, as well as be able to ensure any proposal made will be successful.

Equipment supply and installation We have developed strategic partnerships with good quality equipment providers, who manufacture broadcast equipment to our custom demanding specifications, centred around greater performance and reliability.

Microwave and radio STL links We have years of experience with mission-critical radio and microwave links. We can either offer you transit through our own extensive resilient microwave network, or set you up with an independent linking system. We can even link your transmitter through your existing main broadcast aerials, significantly saving cost on shared sites.

Broadcast highly compliements our other product portfolios, such as mast supply, prime radio site operation and two-way radio network supply and maintenance, meaning our skilled staff can also work on broadcast equipment. This means you get big company service and support combined with small company prices.

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