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Maxxwave Total Broadcast Contract
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You know just how to run a radio station, how to schedule shows, select the right content for your audience, manage presenters, gather news, promote the station, and much more. All that by itself is a full time job and completely pointless if you are not on air.

Remove all of the hassle of buying transmitters, installing aerials, trying to keep it all on air, managing faults by passing it all over to us. We have years of experience maintaining networks, sites and equipment, and know just what is needed to keep the show on the road. And when it does go wrong, there is no better way to incentivise someone to fix it than having a robust SLA contract that requires them to get it fixed, quick!

Some of the unique key points of our contract are:

Absolutely everything is included Audio processing, monitoring, alarming, transmitters, aerials, even the radio mast and site (if you don't already have one). We just take an audio feed from your studio (normally 2x XLR connectors) and look after the rest.

Constant off-air signal monitoring and recording Sometimes faults just can't be detected any other way than off-air, such as deliberate jamming of your transmission by pirates. We monitor your transmission off-air 24/7/365, and our advanced custom-written software alerts us to any faults as soon as they occur. We can remotely dial in and assess the fault, taking action immediately.

Everything critical is duplicated Since we are tied in to an SLA, we need to deliver. The only way to do that in the broadcast world is by duplicating EVERYTHING, from the aerial to the transmitter to the link back to the studio. Often key elements such as the aerial and studio link are overlooked by other big players, but not by us. We can remotely switch from main to backup (and back), but normally the changeover should be automatic.

Professional auditing and tracibility Operating to ISO standards, all jobs are logged and documented for accountability and quality purposes. If you have a fault, even if you don't know about it (because a backup transmitter has engaged, for example), you will get a written fault report. If any work is to be carried out on your equipment, even if it won't in any way affect your service (such as checking the mast structure), we will send you as much notice as possible.

Automated alarming and 24 hour response Even if there is a fault at 3am, we will know about it. And we will fix it too. So if a lightning strike hits at 3am putting you on battery backup, we get out and fix it so you don't even know it happened, and long before the batteries go flat.

We know just what is needed to keep a network online 24/7/365. We provide communications for essential blue light "Safety of life" services, where failure costs lives. Using the same techniques with broadcast ensures that you can just completely forget about the transmission side of things.

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