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Ambitalk is a radio communications network that has been designed from the ground up by Maxxwave. It acts as a platform for both voice and data communications, having been natively designed with both in mind.

For customer information regarding voice vehicle communications, visit www.ambitalk.co.uk

Ambitalk is a multi-site networked trunked radio system, designed using our own propreitory protocol that is based upon the best of both DMR Tier 3 and MPT1327. It offers both analog and digital voice (dependent upon user preference) and either "scanning telemetry" or "random access" style data communications.

Data users can be assigned different access priorities through our fully QoS aware TDMA technology, meaning that you can have a "virtual network" where all data is logically separated with assured latency, jitter and throughput.

At the heart of Ambitalk are National radio channels. We are the only PAMR network in the UK using Nationally allocated exclusive spectrum, giving us complete flexibility and control over deployment, channel quality and transmit range. Our channels are allocated using high quality assignment methods which offer us reception free of any interference from domestic sources during times of atmospheric disturbances.

All transmitter sites use multiple independent connectivity methods, with microwave linking (such as 1.4ghz) being the primary mode of connection and other methods, such as BT landlines being the secondary mode. Most microwave linked sites form part of a microwave mesh, so there may in fact be 5 or 6 independent connection paths into any particular site.

All sites are backed up to at least 24 hours runtime in the case of mains failure with key locations being fully duplicated and backed up independently to several weeks runtime. There has not been a single service affecting fault since our transition to our current generation of infrastructure in 2013.

We can custom integrate Ambitalk into various different schemes and protocols, having successfully already interconnected with IPv6, IPv4 (making Ambitalk an Internet of Things (IoT) network), Modbus, RP-570, IEC 61850, DNP3 and various other protocols.

Ambitalk is a registered trademark owned by Maxxwave Ltd.

For more information on what Ambitalk can do for you, please get in contact.

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