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We design and build a range of radio masts, suitable for different purposes. Our lightweight masts represent the best value for money available. Select a design from the list below to find out more.

We also provide rigging, maintenance and removal services for existing radio masts, and are experts in "guyed pole mast" designs, being able to provide a complete range of services.

Lightweight mast

Available in ranges from 10ft to 100ft (3m to 30m). Suitable for folded dipoles, collinears, etc. We believe this is the best value for money mast on the market!

Medium Duty Aluminium mast

This is our flagship design, due to its extreme versatility, allowing it to fit into very small spaces. Available from 10ft to 50ft (3m to 15m), with a wide variety of accessories.

Medium Duty Steel mast

Known traditionally as "pole masts", these are available in heights from 15ft to 120ft (4.6m to 37m), and are a low cost solution for small dishes, yagis, dipoles, collinears, etc.

Heavy Duty Slimline mast

Available in ranges from 8ft to 56ft (2.4m to 17m). Suitable for dishes, yagis, dipoles, collinears, etc. These masts are ideal for sensitive areas, such as the Peak District.

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