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Maxxwave owns and operates over 80 radio sites around the UK, making us the UK's largest independent site owner.

If you have a building or a radio site that you would like us to manage and market on your behalf, or would appreciate some free advice, please do get in touch.

On all of our radio sites we offer one or more of the following facilities:- Fully managed base station installation and maintenance, Multi-combining (in all PMR bands) and "Standard" site sharing (customer provided aerials/dishes).

Because we have long-established landlord agreements, we can offer some of the cheapest site fees available.

We believe that accessing a radio site should be quick and easy. We therefore do not charge thousands for "Build and Acquisition" or take six months to get you on the site. With all our sites you can be on air in days, not years.

ALL OF OUR PRICES INCLUDE RATES, AND ALL MULTICOUPLED AGREEMENTS INCLUDE ELECTRICITY. We do not send you another "secret" bill for rates or electricity 3 years after you have gone onto the site, unlike others!

Indicative areas that we have sites:

East Yorkshire (Near Hull)
Lincolnshire (RAF Stenigot)
London (Crystal Palace Parade)
London (Highgate)
Maidstone (Blue Bell Hill and Detling)
Newbury (Coombe Hill)

To get our full list of sites and discuss further with us the possibilities of either us managing your site or if you want to use one of our radio sites then please get in contact.

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